Pekatherm F70
Pekatherm F70

Together with the inner heating cushion, it is composed of two parts. The upside of the inner cushion which comes into contact with the foot is soft and warm. Its bottom part is made of easily cleanable material.

Front part can be fully opened for easy usage. For prevention of heat loss, the upside of the bood is covered with magnets.

When the inner cushion is removed, it can be used for heating any other part of the body.

When used with high temperature levels, the inner temperature of the bood can reach to 60°C.

It gets heated in 30 seconds.

As it has been used thermostat in this products’ the temperature cannot reach at a very annoying high heating level. Every two hours has a system which automatically turns off. It is automatically powered off in case of failure.

Its outer cover, made of 100% cotton, is hand or machine washable. PVC material can be wiped with a damp cloth.