Melsan TE100
Melsan TE100

Exterior surface: Bonded together with heating process of 380 gr/m2 Non-Woven textile materials.

Heating material: Single spiral Cr-Ni wire.

Covered with 105 degrees resistant of PVC.

With spiral wraps it is 4 times more flexible and secure against breakage.

Stable flat heating system, uniform heat distribution.

2 temperature settings. (0-1-2-0) off-warm-hot-off.

There is off botton on the top and the bottom part of the control panel which is designed for extra convenience during usage.

The power cord of the controller is connected directly to the blanket.

High quality isolation materials used in the port connection point.

Technical information: 220 V / 0,27 A / 60 WATT / 50 Hz

Size: 85cm*150cm

Please read the supplied user manual instructions before using the product.