Melsan MS203 04
Melsan MS203 04

TEXTILE SURFACE: : With its’ decorative patterns; soft polar upper surface and Non-woven bottom surface the textile material is produced spectacular. As well as a soft touch; provides more comfortable and a warm environment.

HEATING SYSTEM: Cr-Ni double helix spiral heating wires, the surface is resistant up to 105 degrees with PVC. With spiral wraps it is 4 times more flexible and secure against breakage. The second layer of the safety wire provides superior protection against overcurrent and overheating.

CONTROLLER UNIT: From 2*0,50 control unit double coated power cable is improved to output of 4*0,50. This model has 3 heating zones (warm-hot-ultra). It has 2 fuses against overcurrents and overheating situations. High quality STA-300 insulation materials is used in port.

IMPLEMENTATION: Formed by homogeneous lined up spiral double helix heating wires between two non-woven heat-treated product. To ensure that the alignments are homogeneous PE materials are used between the plates. There are 3 warm, hot and ultra levels of heat. In the control unit on the power cord, in the excessive currents (overloads), and at the stress point, there are two fuse against overheating.
In any risky case, one or both of the fuses blows and the circuit is interrupted. The fuses can be changed by new ones and the product will continue working. However, if the fuses has been blown due to the excessive heating the product definitely will not work any more. Because the control unit is detachable from the blanket, only by changing this section product can continue to be used. The two parts functions independently of eachother. In this case, when 2 persons are using it one of them can turn off his/her own side or when one person is using the high temperature (2) the other person can use the less temperature (1) botton.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: 220 V / 2 * 0,27 A / 2 * 60 WATT / 50 Hz

SIZE: 140 cm * 160 cm